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Graham is a firm believer that, when done with foresight and planning, communities can effectively (a) reduce their short- and long-term costs via saved energy and reduced pollution, (b) become more environmentally responsible, and (c) create much-needed jobs. Major efforts he is actively involved in include:
  1. The Urban Sustainability Associates (USA) national network: an effort being coordinated by nuPOLIS, the Internet presence of the Innovation Network for Communities (INC), a national non-profit helping to develop and spread scalable innovations that transform the performance of community systems such as education, energy, land use, transportation and workforce development. Read More
  2. Climate prosperity project: this collaborative effort by thought leaders in both the public and private sector is helping to apply a three-apart business sustainability model in communities across the U.S. The goals are to foster savings (reducing waste and cutting costs), opportunities (raising revenues and expanding marketshare), and talent (investing in assets that will support and increase people's skills).
  3. Broadband is advanced energy: Helping community and business leaders understand how broadband capabilities can be used to reduce energy waste and save money.

Foundational work
Graham Richard launched a number of initiatives while mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, with these goals in mind: save energy (in both the public and private sectors) and create new jobs. He created a Green Ribbon Commission that led joint collaborative efforts across the community to identify ways that the city and its residents could achieve the stated goals.Read more about Fort Wayne's Initiatives.