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Graham Richard served two terms as Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana (2000-2007). During that time, he launched a number of innovative and collaborative efforts that formed the foundation for his ongoing work. In 2007, he was honored as the "Government Leader of the Year" by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.  Here are just a few highlights.

Broadband Innovations
The potential has been illustrated by the partnership between Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Verizon. Verizon has invested over $100 million in fiber-to-the-home, and making Fort Wayne one of the first Midwest cities to have city-wide fiber-optic broadband services (FiOS). The city has now partnered with community leaders to offer innovative city services and generate new businesses within the city. Examples include:
  • Public computer labs where senior citizens learn internet skills, which they in turn use to help mentor 7th and 8th grade students in the state's 21st Century Scholars Program.
  • Establishing video relay services for the deaf and hearing-impaired community
  • Creating real-time diagnosis for diabetic patients in remote clinics via webnet cameras

Equally important, the broadband initiative is enabling businesses to be able to use high-speed broadband application to save energy and provide improved services. For example, medical clinics have gone paper-free when it comes to medical records. Estimates are that 90,000 low-income citizens are getting better care because doctors in emergency rooms and medical clinics can have instant, electronic access to patient records.

Energy & Environmental Initiatives

Graham Richard launched a number of initiatives while mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, with these goals in mind: save energy (in both the public and private sectors) and create new jobs. He created a Green Ribbon Commission that led joint collaborative efforts across the community to identify ways that the city and its residents could achieve the stated goals. Results on the City side from the initial efforts include:
  • Anti-idle software was installed on 277 trucks with estimated savings of $72,000 (including one less hour of idling total per day)
  • 5,800 traffic lights were switched to LED, for $145,000 annual savings in electricity costs (an estimate 60% savings; payback period estimated at just 2.4 years)
  • Over 340 units of city equipment were switched for B20 bio-diesel fuel, reducing carbon emissions
  • The city purchased 20 hybrid vehicles, with an estimated payback of just 4 years based on $65,000 annual savings in fuel
  • Improved the energy efficiency of the City asphalt plant by 50%
  • See the latest Ft. Wayne Green Ribbon Commission here

One continuing effort in Fort Wayne is the Smart/Green Home initiative at Renaissance Pointe, in which a 90-year-old existing home received an energy makeover. New materials are all high-efficiency, durable, and environmentally friendly. New advanced energy features include being able to program all HVAC, lighting, and Internet-viewable cameras via remote wireless touch panel or the Internet. View a short video presentation on the Smart/Green Home

High Performance Government
During his two-term tenure as Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Graham used his business savvy and commitment to community to save more than $31 million in taxpayer dollars while improving city services. Read more in  Performance Is the Best Politics, or download a summary of highlights. View a summary PDF

Regional Public Safety Academy
The Regional Public Safety Academy is just one example of how Graham has brought together public and private sector leaders from cities, towns, and counties together to address regional needs. Read more.